The Magical Garage

We are thrilled to share our work directed by the great Rodrigo Valdes with  Tempomedia and Antoni. We bow to all the talented and wonderful artists who worked on this film – to the lovely and warm-hearted people at Limelite in Kiev.

CLIENT: Mercedes-Benz
PRODUCTION: Tempomedia
DIRECTOR: Rodrigo Valdes
DOP: Mauro Chiarello  
MUSIC: Wenke Kleine-Benne
GRADING: Slaughterhouse
VFX: Spellwork
SERVICES: Set Supervision, VFX, CGI, Animation, Online


rooms of

Set extension
Besides the CG cars, we have mainly expanded the set. Some were quite challenging and had to be planned very well in advance. We captured all the locations digitally with the help of scans, which allowed us to recreate the CG photorealistically.

Aerodynamic room

One of the most complex shots ever. Mirror Nightmare.