binge watching 2.0

After watching a lot of streaming services in the early lockdown of 2020, to binge watching the news. Fire nightmares in Australia and the terrible human conflicts around the world. Binge watching the behavior of people changes. Sometimes I just want to escape from earth to another planet. But then I see progress, empathy and hope. Many thanks to all the wonderfull people who worked on this and to the multitalented  and gifted Daniel Roché!
Director: Darah + Roché
DOP: Jakob Reinhardt
Starring: Ann Kuen
MakeUp: Natalia Soboleva
Hair: Said Rubaii
1st Camera Assistant: Tony Pratsch
Steadicam: Robert Többe
Music: Kolja Sonnenrein
Postproduction: Spellwork Pictures
Grading: Nitty Gritty


daniel roché